Rose Sakuda

Rose Sakuda is from the Maasai tribe of Kenya, a mother of four children and a grandmother of eight, Rose accepted the Lord as a small girl in the Village of Kajiado, Kenya. Rose’s passion is rescuing poor teenage Maasai girls who are forced into having a procedure to intentionally alter the female genitals known as FGM. FGM is a traditionally ancient procedure which is performed to subdue the young girls into submission to their much older husband who usually purchases them for payment of either cash or cows to the young girl’s parents.
Rose who has personally had the FGM procedure done has been speaking against FGM since the Lord called her to step outside her comfort zone and speak at the AD2000 & Beyond conference in South Africa in 1997.  Eleven years ago, the Lord lead Rose to California to train in ministry and prayer to reach out not only to women but to prepare her to start an official ministry to sponsor girls from the small village where she grew up in as most major organizations do not reach the rural towns of Kenya.


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