Kimberly Sanders

Kimberly Sanders is a daughter, a sister, an aunt to a four-year-old niece and one-year-old nephew, a late-in-life follower of Christ, and a woman who is fully assembled with a servant heart. On the daily, she is navigating the path that God has set before her with being a Christian woman in the workplace, among her friends and family, and graciously (or, sometimes not-so-graciously) attempting to navigate the amusement, hilarity and often frustrating world of dating as a 30-something who loves Jesus. She's learning (yes, it's an ongoing thing!) to lay out her past missteps and future worries at the Lord's feet. For her, casting those cares to Him is a mix of curiosity and caution combined with transparency and humbleness. Most days, she's a hot mess trying to figure it all out. Some days, she's pretty awesome.

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